About the Bot

Sasaki is a bot that is constantly being developed further and is designed for all kinds of tasks that a discord server needs. The main advantage of the bot is the wide range of roleplay commands that simplify the communication in the chat. Everybody who is active on Discord and most of all those who are in the anime area have already seen these commands on other bots. However, this is a minor matter for most bots but not for Sasaki, so the bot offers a huge variety of roleplay commands like no other. Of course these commands are not the only thing a server needs so the bot also offers moderation commands as well as information commands. If you are bored you can earn some money and personalize your profile or just use some game commands. If you prefer to look at random images you can use the random commands and maybe you will find a new background image for your computer. For people who prefer to talk to others in a voice channel the music function is probably more interesting. You can use all kinds of functions for free that cost money with other bots. And for those who are on the dark side of the power or just horny, the nsfw commands are definitely interesting. The bot has something for everyone and most of all for the anime fans among us.

About the Website

On the website you can find current information and events so it is recommended to visit it often. You will also find a list of all commands with a description and how to use them. For people who are interested in the gifs used by the Sasaki it is recommended to have a look at the api. If you are interested in the service status check out the status page where you can find the current system status, the ping or the uptime of the last 90 days. If you are interested in the partners of Sasaki then check out the partner page and maybe also their servers. If you are interested in becoming a partner of Sasaki, you can also visit the partner site and get more information about it. Under "More" you will get some more pages and information about our services. If you have general questions you can find the invite link to our support server on the website or write an email (you can get a faster answer via Discord).