The Sasaki World

[EN] The Sasaki World is the support server for the bot where you can get professional help for all questions concerning our service. There you can also give feedback on our service. We are constantly trying to improve our service and to improve ourselves.

AnimeRose Germany

[GER] AnimeRose is a Discord with the focus on anime and uses the rose as a logo and design element. The goal of the server is to set a new standard with a perfectly integrated server bot and website that are both important parts of the server.

Anime & Gaming Café

[GER] Anime & Gaming Café is a german anime and gaming server. There are frequent events and the server is very active in the text channels as well as in the voice channels.

Onigiri 🍙

[GER] Onigiri is a very long partner who supported us from the very first second. It is a german server based on animes and gaming and because of the high activity on the server you have always someone to write or talk to.

🌸 Evil Cuddles 🌸

[GER] Evil Cuddles is also a long time supporter through the active and strong bot usage. Also this server is based on anime and gaming but is a little bit crazier than Onigiri. The community is very friendly and welcomes new arrivals with great pleasure.


[GER] Cookieworld is a german speaking server with a great and friendly community. The server has a great picky of bots and it is anime based. We love to welcome newcomers.

Starshine Heaven ✨

[GER] Starshine Heaven is a german server with the theme anime and kpop. The community is very friendly and welcomes new arrivals.

Luwi Naisu!

[EN] ...