I'm a Bot I'm a Server I'm a Team

I'm more than a normal Discord bot!


What is Sasaki?

Sasaki is a bot, a team, a server, a community and much more. 
The bot is for all kinds of fun, moderation and game commands and is always up to date.
We also have some projects that we organize and host on our own servers.
All of this is 24/7 online.
At the same time we work with other servers to support each other and to offer the best experience to the users.

The Sasaki World










The Sasaki World

Support Server

This is the official sasaki support server on which we are happy to help you with questions and problems.
You will get the latest information about sasaki and status updates if the bot is offline.

Onigiri 🍙

Partner Server

Our partner server is aimed at all anime fans among you. They offer you small projects and information about animes or other things throughout.
Due to the high level of activity, you always have someone to write to.


Community server

Our community server has something for everyone, whether anime fan or not, whether a programmer or not.

The server is unfortunately still under construction.



Minecraft the perfect game to let your creativity out and have fun with others. Of course, modded because the normal is slowly boring.


Do you like to destroy nature and build huge factories and all this to protect you from a metor that is currently racing towards the world?

Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod (TTT) who is the traitor? Feel free to join on our server and play with others some rounds. Of course also with our own modpack.

You need help?

Feel free to join our support server!
Support Server